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Bài tập Phát âm tiếng anh nâng cao – Unit 19: Cụm động từ có 1 dấu trọng âm

19.1 Do you think each part in bold includes a one-stress (write 1) or two-stress (write 2) phrasal verb?

EXAMPLE: The birds came quite close, but when I sneezed

I frightened them away. ….2…..

1 She said she’d be early, but I wouldn’t bank on it. ……….

2 He gave us a lot of information that I couldn’t take in. ……….

3 I couldn’t do question six, so I left it out. ……….

4 Dan said he’d phone today, but I haven’t heard from him. ………..

5 If you’re passing, why don’t you stop by? …

6 You look well. Living by the sea must agree with you. ……….

7 There isn’t anyone but you that I can confide in. ………..

8 Having my own boat is something I’ve always dreamed about. ………..

Now listen and check your answers.

19.2 Read each A part and say each B part aloud, thinking about how the phrasal verb will be pronounced. All the phrasal verbs in the B parts are one-stress phrasal verbs, but sometimes the particle is made prominent for special emphasis or contrast.

1 A: I suppose your parents are quite well of f?

B: What are you driving at?

2 A: Why didn’t you show your mother your new shoes?

B: I thought she’d disapprove of them.

3 A: So you think the damage results from climate change?

B: I said I think it will result in climate change.

4 A: Apparently, they are forecasting a really cold winter.

B: Yes, I read about it.

5 A: My pen friend’s planning to visit.

B: Where does she come from?

6 A: All you’ve got to do is aim and fire.

B: But I don’t know what to aim at.

7 A: There are so many mosquitoes around the tent!

B: Yes, it’s teeming with them.

Now listen, check the pronunciation of the phrasal verbs and repeat the B parts.

19.3 Do you think each part in bold includes a one-stress or two-stress phrasal verb? Think about how each phrasal verb will be pronounced in these dialogues.

1 A: We must get together again soon.

B: Yes, when you’re next in town, why don’t you come by?

2 A: This cabbage doesn’t look very good.

B: Well, at this time of year fresh vegetables are difficult to come by.

3 A: What happened to your hand?

B: I was stroking Susan’s cat when it just turned on me.

4 A: Mr Simpson can be very charming, can’t he?

B: Yes, he certainly knows how to turn it on.

Now listen and check your answers. Press ‘pause’ before each B part and read it aloud. Then press ‘play’ again and compare your pronunciation with what follows.

PRESENTED BY: AMY E. LINGENFELTER Tackling English Pronunciation. - ppt  download

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